K.EL.A.L.P.’s aims are intellectual, educational, scientific, developmental, social, national and in no way for profit.

K.EL.A.L.P.’s action does not depend on any entity related to public or private organisms that are profitable.

K.EL.A.L.P.’s mission is to contribute – through research, study, analysis, discussion and dialogue, as well as targeted actions and programs, to raise the awareness about the Greek and Arabic culture and literature and language.

The recipients of these actions are of different categories:

(a) writers, poets, translators and interpreters, linguists as well as experts in literature, poetry and language

(b) the general public and particularly the youth

(c) public sectors of local and regional government

(d) educational institutions and structures as well as public and private organizations dealing with these issues and policies

K.EL.A.L.P. will place particular emphasis on actions and initiatives related to education and training, hosting and incubating of projects and other creative and social initiatives of the aforementioned groups.

The K.EL.A.L.P.’s vision is to establish a decentralized network from Greece and around the world to support artists and professionals in the broader cultural and creative sector – as well as students and young people in general, interested in culture, art and cultural heritage, aiming to explore new potentials deriving from high technology and innovative practices.

In addition, it aims to provide citizens, and especially residents and institutions of the Greek region as well as visitors of selected intellectual and cultural institutions in Greece and abroad, with the opportunity to communicate with artists and creators in this area and get involved in various activities of the K.EL.A.L.P. initiative for mutual cultural enrichment.