Alexander Kazamias

Dr Alexander Kazamias is Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Amsterdam and Senior Lecturer in Politics at Coventry University. He is author of Greece and the Cold War: Diplomacy, Rivalry and Anti-Colonialism after the Civil Conflict. He has written extensively on modern Greek history, culture and politics, Greek-Turkish relations, and the history of the Greek minority in Egypt. Regarding the latter subject, some of his academic studies include, ‘Cromer’s Assault on “Internationalism”: British Colonialism and the Greeks of Egypt, 1882-1907’ (2014) and ‘The “Purge of the Greeks” from Nasserite Egypt: Myths and Realities’, Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, 35:2, 2009. Previously, he has been Visiting Research Fellow at the Universities of Princeton and Edinburgh and has given guest lectures at the Universities of Moscow, Cairo, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, and Edinburgh. His interviews and press articles have appeared in many media outlets, including the Times Literary Supplement, the Guardian, the BBC, Russia Today, Kathimerini, Ta Nea, Efsyn, Anti magazine, and Al-Ahram Weekly.

Participated in the Event “Historical and Cultural Routes in the Mediterranean”