"A City through A Narrative"

1st Event | Thuesday 5 October 2021, 18:00-19:30

How does a city stand out in an artistic or prose work? To what extent is a place mythologized or demystified, finally when it is transferred to paper or cinema, to art in general? And what are the differences between truth and fiction? A realistic depiction of a place is not always possible, sometimes it is not what is required and that the difference between truth and illusion, as you will hear below, is what ultimately determines the cultural characteristics of a place, a city in this case. The first meeting on “A city, a narrative” brought us three important Greek creators and an Egyptian who highlighted with their work and through their artistic / literary gaze emblematic cities of Greece and the Mediterranean Basin.


With the participation of:

Isidoros Zourgos (author),

Vassilis Vafeas (director),

Emilios Solomou (author),

Tarek Imam ( Egyptian author)

"Hosting the 'Other' in our Stories”

2nd Event | Friday 26 November 2021, 18:00-19:30

The event under the title “Hosting the  ‘Other’ in our Stories” was hosted at the 18th Thessaloniki International Book Fair of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture. The event aimed to highlight the intercultural character of contemporary Greek children’s and adolescent literature through the works of four young or/and new-emerging writers.

With the participation of:

Stefanos Ganotis (author, musician)

Anna Kontoleon (author, drama teacher)

Marietta Kontou (author, accredited family mediator)

Argyro Pipini (author, translator)

"Historical and Cultural Routes in the Mediterranean"

3rd Event | Monday 13 December 2021, 18:00-19:30

The event entitled “Historical and Cultural Routes in the Mediterranean” had the “Round Table” type of discussion where five Greek creators took us on a journey through the history of modern Greece and spoke to us through their creative work on the intercultural relations between our country and other Mediterranean countries.


With the participation of:

Costas Konstantatos (musician, artist)

Dr. Maria Papadima (literary translation expert, teacher)

Dr. Alexander Kazamias (political science lecturer, researcher)

Costas Ferris (director, writer)

Theodoros Grigoriadis (author)