Costas Ferris

Costas Ferris studied at Ambetio and the Takis Tsakonas School of Drama in Cairo, at the Athens Film School, and continued his studies at Nanterre and the Sorbonne in Paris. He worked as an assistant director in more than 60 fiction films. He collaborated, among others, with Michalis Kakogiannis, Nikos Koundouros, Takis Kanellopoulos, Grigoris Grigoriou, Andrew Marton, James Nilsson, Robert Aldrich, Edward Molinaro, Richard Pardel, Garathon, Lafarge Sarafian, etc. He is member of the research team for “Rebetiko” songs, and the Group for the Renewal of Greek Cinema created, on his own initiative. Until 1967, he directed his first short film, “Your hair is shining” (1961). In 1963 he participated as one of the two technical assistants in the film of the director Manolis Skouloudis “The Delicanis” and in 1965 he directed his first feature film, “Some prefer khaki”. The film “the Delicanis” will appear forty one years later (in 2004) in a book . Before, but also during his exile in Paris (1967-1973), he worked closely with the French director (and his friend since 1962) Jean-Daniel Pole. He actively participated in the movement of May 1968. During this time he also met Volker Schloendorf, Werner Hertzog, Barbet Schroeder, Nicholas Ray, Samuel Fuller, Ruy Guerra, Anatole and Pascale Dauman and others. The script of a film, an opera and a rock oratorio seal his Parisian period. After his return to Greece, in 1973, he directed the films: “Fonissa”, 1974, “Prometheus , 1975, “Two moons in August”, 1978, and “Rebetiko”, 1983 (that won the Silver Bear Berlin Festival, 1984 . He won the Grand Prix of Alexandria Festival, in 1985, and “Oh Babylon”, 1988, as well as nine TV series, totaling about 120 hours, for Greek television, but also more than 80 hours of music programs, documentaries, educational and research films .

Participated in the Event “Historical and Cultural Routes in the Mediterranean”