3rd Meeting of Poets on “Women in Greek and Arabic Poetry”

of Persa Koumoutsi

Fractal: THE GEOMETRY OF IDEAS 23.03.2021

The 3rd Meeting of Poets organized by the Center for Greek and Arabic Literature and Culture (KEL, ALP) on “Women in Greek and Arabic Poetry” was held with great success on March 17 at 7 pm Greek time. with the participation of female voices from Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. The participating poets from both shores of the Mediterranean: Lina Nikolakopoulou, Athena Papadaki, Lamia Makkadam, Aisha al Saifi, Nujoom el Ghanem, Lili Michailidou. Their messages and poems loud, moving, but also their thorough introductions, spread bridges of love, admiration and understanding between two, so different, but equally charming worlds and gave us a panorama of poetry, especially that of women, in places. which represent the moving and introductory text of Mr. Chrysoulakis G. Secretary of Hellenes Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs who put the event under the auspices of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and supports the efforts of the Center.

Lebanon, Beirut and the literature of the wound, forthcoming publications

of Persa Koumoutsi

Fractal: THE GEOMETRY OF IDEAS 26.08.2020

Two very important books will be published with a central theme in Lebanon and the long-suffering city of Beirut, documenting the devastating consequences of the civil war on the souls of the people who experienced it, each in its own unique way. The first is entitled “Night Post” and is signed by the great author Ioda Barakat and the second, the young Palestinian writer Maazen Maarouf. Both, in addition to the multiple awards and rave reviews they won, also claimed, among other things, a candidacy for Man Booker International, for 2019 and 2018 respectively.

Learning about Islam

of Stavros Tzima

KATHIMERINI 03.01.2020

I was lucky enough to attend a recent lecture in Kavala by two distinguished scholars, Dimitris Gutta, professor of Arabic and Greek Studies at Yale University, and the professor of Abrahamic Studies at Cambridge University, Garth Fowden. The title of the lecture was “From Athens to Baghdad: Greek – Arab Thoughts and Sciences” and it was organized by the Research Center MOHA in the masterpiece of Arabic architecture and jewelry, not only for the city, complex of Imaret …

About Taha Hussein and the book “The Nightingale Prayer”

of Persa Koumoutsi

Fractal: THE GEOMETRY OF IDEAS 16.10.2019

Taha Hussein was born in a degraded area in the province of Egypt and at the age of just 2 he became blind, however he managed to study at the theological school of Al Azhar University in Cairo and continued his studies in France, where he studied. of his dissertation on Ibn Khaldun. He was a profound connoisseur of classical antiquity, Arabic literature and a fanatical admirer of modern European literature.

Pre-publishing || The poetry of Najwan Darwish

of Persa Koumoutsi

Fractal: THE GEOMETRY OF IDEAS 25.09.2019

The poetic speech of N. Darouis is extremely allegorical, the relief images that he transforms beautifully in his lyrics full of music and rhythm, constantly move between the real and the imaginary, as if they exist in a transcendent dimension of space-time and of course in the poet’s consciousness. And all this together creates with unmistakable and remarkable ‘balance’, a harmony that characterizes this particular poetic place.