Marietta Kontou

Marietta Kontou was born in 1972 in Athens. She studied Psychology at the University of Athens and did her master’s degree in Systemic Couple and Family Therapy, with further training in Bed Hypnosis and Biothymic Psychotherapy. She holds a PhD in Social Psychology from Panteion University and an accredited Family Mediator. Metaichmio publications have published her books: My friend Gregoir (2015), The magic hands of Tsagarakos (2015) was awarded by the Cycle of The Greek Children’s Book (IBBY), Ftou Xelypi (2017), a book that has been translated into Arabic, The story of a smudge (2017), Sorry, can I say something? (2019), The precious Thesaugou (2019), Kontorevithoulis – the classics (2019), The Holy Sunsets (2020), The fairytale of The White Wings of Korakina (2014) was honored with an honorable mention by the Women’s Literary Fellowship.

Participated in the Event “Hosting the ‘Other’ in Our Stories”.