Stefanos Ganotis

Stefanos Ganotis was born in Kymi, Euvoia in May 1970 and was brought up in Athens. He studied French literature at the National &Kapodistrian University of Athens and he works for the Secondary Education since 2004. In October 2016, transferred as an Educational Coordinator at the Refugee’s Hospitality Centre in Malakasa. He is involved in music, traditional dance and narration. He has organized and participated in dozens of events as a musician and as a narrator in Greece and abroad. He has written children’s books; his published works include : “The busytown and the lazyc ountry”, “Little Konstantina and the Moon” and “Syria, farewell..”(1st edition). In 2015, he earned a distinction at the Greek Cinema Festival in London where he participated with his scenario based on the book “Syria, farewell..” and with two of his poems “Farmakonisi, January 2014”and “Eidomene”. He is married and has four children. He resided in Agios Stefanos , Attiki.

Participated in the Event  “Hosting the ‘Other’ in Our Stories”.