Theodoros Grigoriadis

Theodoros Grigoriadis is a Greek writer, who was born in Kavala in 1956. He studied English language and literature at the University of Thessaloniki. He started his writing career in 1990 with his novel “Hidden People”, followed by a collection of short stories “The ancient phallus”, 1991, the novels “The sailor”, 1993, “The dancer in the olive grove”, 1996, “The waters of the Peninsula”, in 1998, “To Partali”, 2001, “Outside the body “, 2003,” Alouza, a thousand and one lovers “, 2005, the collection of short stories” Maps “, 2007, the novel” Second Birth “, 2009, and the novels” The wrestler and the dervish “, 2010,” The secret of Greece “, 2012,” Life borders “, 2015 (State Novel Award, 2016),” New city “, 2017. Between 1999-2003 he organized a series of literary seminars at the Public Central Library of Serres. His book “ Partali” was published in France, in the spring of 2003, by “AlterEdit” publications and was presented as a theatrical monologue at the Athens Festival in 2011. “The Second Birth” was presented as a theatrical monologue at the Athens and Kavala Festival in 2009. The collection “Maps” was nominated for the Read I Award 2007 and the “Wrestler and the Dervish” for the Athens Prize for Literature of the magazine “(decata) and for the State Novel Award 2011 and for the Readers’ Award of EKEBI. Ηis novel “Life Borders” won the State Award for literature in 2016). His short stories have been translated into English and Dutch. The novel “Aluza, a Thousand and One Lovers” was translated into Arabic and published in Egypt. He is a member of the Writers’ Society.

Participated in the Event “Historical and Cultural Routes in the Mediterranean”