Vassilis Vafeas

Vassilis Vafeas is a film and theatre director. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He came to Athens in his teenage years, after the events of Suez. He obtained a degree in chemistry in Athens and did postgraduate studies in Paris. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years. He studied cinema in Athens at the Stavrakos School. His first feature film was the “Eastern Region” which won the best film award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. Eight other feature films and four short films followed. Most of his films have participated in major International Festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Berlin, Karlovy Vary, Shanghai, etc.). Tributes to his work have been held in New York and Paris. In the theatre he has directed plays by E. Ibsen, Shakespeare, Molière, Molière, Aristophanes, A. Miller, D. Mamet , J. Cassavetes, Wallace Sean and John Patrick Shanley. He has also directed two multi-play productions at the Athens Concert Hall. He has been described by film critics as the Balkan Jacques Tati with a low-key sense of humour and faithfulness to visual gags, while remaining an astute observer of contemporary Greek reality.

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