The work of Greek writers is rich and comprehensive; a source of expression of human feelings, thoughts and concerns for today’s society. However, the accessibility of contemporary Greek Literature to foreign readers is a critical issue.

The cycle of events “One thousand and one…lit-gatherings”is part of the activities of CulturePolis in the context of the homonymous project approved and subsidized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and is coordinated by the Center of Greek and Arabic Literature and Culture – K.EL.A.L.P. ofCulturePolis.

The idea was born from the need to promote Greek literature as a means of intercultural dialogue in the region of the Southeastern Mediterranean and mainly the Arab countries. Through three different events, 12 selected authors will be introduced to the Greek-speaking and Arabic-speaking public and will highlight their work as a means of dialogue and understanding of the “other”.

The event entitled “Hosting the Other’ in Our Stories”, is organized in the frame of the 18th International TBF of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and aims to highlight the intercultural character of contemporary Greek children’s and adolescent literature through the works of four (4) writers, selected after an open call for expressions of interest.

Participant writers:

Stefanos Ganotis

Άννα Κοντολέων

Marietta Kontou

Argyro Pipini

See the biographies of the authors HERE

The event is coordinated by writer, literary translator and Director of K.EL.A.L.P., Mrs. Persa Koumoutsi

and will take place online with a parallel translation of speeches into Arabic by Dr. Khaled Raouf .

Translation of excerpts: Khaled Raouf, Mohamed Abbas, Farah Tepserani and Persa Koumoutsi.